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Gift Set Rose of Bulgaria Shower Gel 330ml/Soap 100gr/Hand Cream 75ml

SOLD OUT Gift Set Rose of Bulgaria Shower Gel 330ml/Soap 100gr/Hand Cream 75ml

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The Bulgarian Rose Damascene/Rosa Damascena is precious in an irrefutable way - the rose oil is the most valuable essential oil with a fragrant, calming and purifying effect. There have to be processed thousands of rose blossoms in order to obtain a single drop. The rose oil is the liquid gold of Bulgaria. It is of highest quality due to the favorable climate conditions and the ecological environment where the essential rose plants are grown - the so cold rose Valley, witch is considered to be their natural environment not only within the country but in the whole world. The unique curative characteristics of the rose water that are famous from the remote past are used successfully in the production of cosmetic products. They clean and refresh the skin, moisturize and mantain the hydro-lipid balance, stimulate cells regeneration, soothe and remove inflammatory processes. They have an anti-oxidant effect slowing up the appearence of wrinkles.

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